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As a personal trainer, you’ve come to the right place. TG promotes a unique perspective on personal training. We invite you to run your business directly within our facilities. What makes us unique: not only do we not charge you rent, but we also don’t siphon a share of your profits, and there are no hidden fees for either you or your clients. The ONLY requirement is that you, the trainer, and your clients must be members of The Gym Mesa. It truly is that simple.

We believe it is only fair to work cooperatively, instead of charging trainers rent or, even worse, kicking them out for trying to make a living. Our philosophy is that trainers should have the freedom to start and build their businesses without burdensome rent and fees.

We allow you full access to all equipment on the premises; although, if there is a class or an event, certain sections may be temporarily limited.

TG also offers an optional referral program to assist you in growing your business. Here’s how the referral program works: As a TG Preferred Trainer, you benefit from receiving clients who have been sold a personal training package by one of the TG staff. When a TG staff member sells a personal training package, the staff member opens a discussion about the client’s personal goals. Armed with personalized information, the staff member contacts one of the Preferred Trainers that best meets the client’s individual needs and goals. Once the trainer accepts the client and package, it’s a 50/50 split on the initial package.  Upon completion of the first package, the client is 100% yours. Your responsibility, and your earnings.

TG believes that by helping others succeed, we ALL win!

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